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Public Works Emergencies

In case of water or other utility emergencies, please call public works after hours at 952.960.7914.

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MON, AUG 25, 6 PM, City Council Work Session

MON, AUG 25, 7 PM, Regular City Council Mtg.

MON, AUG 25, 7:30 PM or immediately after Reg. Council Mtg , EDA Mtg

WED, AUG 27, Recycling Day

THURS, AUG 28, Recycling Day-Island

MON, SEPT 1, Holiday-City offices closed

TUES, SEPT 2, 7 PM, Planning Comm Mtg.

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Election News

Absentee voting for the August 12 Primary Election is currently taking place. Polls close at 8 pm.



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Zebra Mussels discovered in Christmas Lake

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District has issued a News Release that it has discovered Zebra Mussels in Christmas Lake. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has confirmed their presence. Plans are underway to take action in hopes of preventing the spread lakewide.

Update on the LRT Bridge over County Rd 19

The Three Rivers Park District received bids for the LRT Bridge over County Road 19. Unfortunately, the bids came in well over budget.  The Three Rivers Park District Board Chair and Executive Director indicated their recommendation to the full Park Board will be to reject all the bids.

Three Rivers indicated they have experienced this kind of bid result with two other major projects on their docket this year.  Discussions will take place about any redesign possibilities, or looking at using the existing resources to provide trail connections to the LRT or circulator routes within the Shorewood - Excelsior Community.

Skate Park Survey

The Shorewood Park Commission recently completed its annual tour of the Shorewood Park System. For the second year in a row, questions arose about the future use of the South Shore Skate Park, located at the end of St. Albans Bay Road, east of Excelsior Boulevard.

Before investing in the maintenance or replacement of skate park facilities, the Commission is interested in knowing about its use and value to the community as a skate park. The Commission has already recommended that the community gardens located in the park be expanded to accommodate resident demand.
Another suggestion for the park, if it does not continue to be a skatepark, is fencing it off for use as a neighborhood dog park.

Before making any future plans for the park, the Park Commission is interested in hearing from residents regarding the current and future use of the park. We ask that you answer this short survey.

RFP for Renewable Energy Alternatives

The City of Shorewood is Requesting Proposals (RFP) for professional services to perform a renewable energy alternatives analysis and study for City facilities and other facilities.  In general, the requested study will review renewable energy alternatives that provide cost effective energy system(s) that will reduce City costs for energy, will have a financial benefit lifecycle, is considered a “renewable” or “green” energy technology, and is practical for Municipal facilities, with potential to serve other properties and/or facilities.

The City is requesting consultants with experience in renewable energy resources respond to this RFP. The City does not want manufacturers to submit proposals specific to their products.  The RFP is to review renewable energy alternatives and the City may decide to issue future RFP(s) for specific implementation.

Contact Paul Hornby, City Engineer at with any questions regarding this RFP.

Don't Fall Victim to FEMA Scam

Hennepin County is expected to soon receive a Federal Disaster Declaration. The declaration is for public assistance which includes government entities, and certain non-profit organizations. There has not been a federal individual assistance declaration at this time. No one from FEMA should be going to individual households in the area. Unfortunately, at disasters there are sometimes instances where individuals posing as FEMA employees have gone door to door telling individuals that they can get them assistance if the citizen gives them their Social Security number and bank information. If this happens to you, please call 9-1-1 to report it as soon as possible.

Shorewood is Bee Safe

Shorewood City Council has passed a resolution endorsing “Bee-Safe” Policies and Procedures throughout the city. The resolution encourages the use of bee-safe processes in our parks, education to our residents on bee and pollinator safety, and other bee safe practices. Shorewood is proud to be the first city in Minnesota to take the initiative to pass a resolution and to encourage its residents to do what they can to keep properties in the city safe for pollinators. You may email comments or questions to the city regarding the bee-safe resolution.

Check Out Our First Responders

First Responder TV, Your Local Public Safety Source, looks at ways for citizens to stay safe, highlights local public safety events, featurse on-location training exercises and much more. First Responders is hosted by Kellie Murphy-Ringate, Excelsior Fire District Fire Inspector.

Coming up on the August 2014 edition of First Responder TV:

  • Meet the Chief: Long Lake Fire Department Chief James Van Eyll
  • Scam Alert!
  • Making a Difference: South Lake Minnetonka Police Department Sergeant Mark Geyer
  • Safety Source: Orono High School Mock Crash

Report Community Public Works Issues

Please use our new online system to report issues such as mowing and park concerns, potholes, traffic signal lights and other street issues, drainage problems, and other public works concerns.. You are also encouraged to submit feedback on the online report system.


  • Utility Bills
  • Pot Holes
  • Hydrant Flushing
  • Recycling
  • Community Center
  • Solicitors

Reporting Pot Holes

Pot Holes can happen overnight and your car has an easy time finding brand new holes! Please report all pot holes to the city, county or MnDOT accordingly.

City water mains are flushed semi-annually in the spring and the fall. Flushing is done to remove mineral deposits that have accumulated in the water pipes. Households may experience rusty water, discoloration or other problems during flushing. City crews take precautions to limit problems. However, if you do experience rusty water, running the cold-water tap will clean out your system. Call the Utility Division at 952.960.7900 if you have a problem related to flushing that does not clear up within 48 hours.



City code requires for-profit solicitors to get a solicitation license from the city. Each solicitor must carry a copy of the license, and they must be able to show it upon request. No FEMA solicitors will be going door to door. Call 9-1-1 if you are contacted by one.
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