Public Streets

There are fifty miles of roads in Shorewood. The Public Works Department provides year-round repair and maintenance to preserve our City streets and rights-of-way. Primary maintenance activities include sweeping, filling potholes, crack sealing and putting thin overlays on the streets. During the winter season, the Public Works Department is also responsible for snow removal and ice control on all city streets.

Met Council Sewer Main Project

The Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) project to construct a second sewer force main in Shorewood and Greenwood east of Excelsior is on hold for the winter. Work is anticipated to resume in the spring of 2014. If you have any questions regarding the project MCES please call Tom Buchal at 651-325-6369 or Quentin Knaak at 651-325-5790. See the project website for complete information and project updates. 

2014 Construction affecting Shorewood residents will be on Excelsior Boulevard from Manor Road to St. Albans Bay Road and Covington Road from about 500 feet west of Carrie Lane to the top of the hill east of the cemetery entrance.


Public Works is responsible for maintenance, repair and snow plowing of local streets and cul-de-sacs. It is also responsible for maintaining traffic signals, street name and regulatory signs, storm sewer and ponding areas, pavement markings and for tree trimming along boulevards.

See Public Streets for more information on schedule mill and overlay streets or seal coat streets.

Report a Road Problem
City streets are inspected and assessed annually for any needed maintenance and hazards (resurfacing and drainage). Staff also inspects any received notification of hazards in streets. Please call 952.960.7900 for more information or to report a street needing repair. Please be specific in describing the location and problem. Issues with county roads should be reported to the Hennepin County Department of Public Works. Problems on state and federal roads may be directed to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Speed Limits on Local Roads

The city maintains speed limits according to guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Transportation. If you notice a speed problem, you may request the Speed Awareness Display (SAD) be placed on the roadway to monitor speeds. Requests should be directed to South Lake Minnetonka Police Department. The SAD is in high demand, so your request will be put on a list and your street will be monitored when possilbe.

Pot Holes

To report a pothole on city streets, call City Hall, 952.960.7900, or send an email including your phone number and the exact location of the pot hole.

For state roads, i.e., State Highway 7 and State Highway 41, pot holes should be reported to MnDOT.

For county roads, i.e., County Road 19, pot holes should be reported to Hennepin County online or at 612-596-0300.

Street Lights

Street lights are maintained in Shorewood by Xcel Energy. Report street light outages to Xcel. If the light is in one of the Shorewood parks, please report to the city with your name, phone number and exact location of the light.

  • Street Sweeping
  • Road Restrictions
  • Mill & Overlay
  • Sealcoating
  • Rd Reconstruction

Every spring, the Public Works Department sweeps the City streets to remove sand and salt residue from the winter snow and ice control operations, and to provide safe conditions for all modes of transportation. Sweeping up the sand also keeps it out of the storm drains as well as our lakes and wetlands. The process begins as soon as weather permits, after street weight restrictions are lifted, and continues until all of the streets have been swept at least once.

To preserve the condition of the public streets within the city from serious damage and destruction during vulnerable weather conditions, street weight restrictions are enforced according to MnDOT guidelines. View Map. For exact dates (based upon weather) please see the MnDOT website, or call the city at 952.960.7913.

Streets to receive a mill and overlay are typically determined in March-April for work to be completed in the summer. Residents on affected streets will receive a letter from the city with complete information once the contractor has been selected.

The following streets will receive mill and overlay in 2013: McKinley Cir, McClaine Rd, Shady Hills Rd, Shore Rd.


Sealcoating is a major part of the street maintenance program in Shorewood. In the process, an application of liquid asphalt is placed on the existing street surface and immediately covered by small rocks. After leaving a few days of time for cars to drive over the surface, somewhat compacting the rocks into the surface, roads are swept of excess rock.

Before streets are sealcoated, a resident information letter is sent to those directly affected by the sealcoating. This letter gives specific dates that sealcoating of the street is expected to take place, and any specific requests by the City, such as keeping parked cars off of the street.

During the process, residents are encouraged to drive slowly and and be patient. It is a fairly quick process that extends the life of our roads, reducing cost and improving drive conditions.

Streets to receive seal coating in 2013 include: Birch Bluff Rd E, Boulder Bridge Ln, Boulder Cir, Burlwood Ct, Christopher Rd, Club Ln, Eureka Rd N, Fairway Dr, Lee Cir, Mann Ln, Maple Leaf Cir, Maple View Ct, Nelsine Dr, Oakleaf Trail, Orchard Cir, Park Ln, Seamans Dr, Shorewood Oaks, Dr, Smithtown Rd, Suburban Dr, Sylvan Ln, Wild Rose Ln.


In 2013, the following roads will undergo reconstruction: Valleywood Cir, Valleywood Ln

Residents will be notified prior to construction.