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City Survey Results Available

In 2011, the city council hired National Research Center (NRC) to conduct a resident survey. The city council commissioned the survey to assess resident’s feelings about living in Shorewood, their assessment of community services and programs, and to find out from residents their priorities.

The company worked with staff to develop the questions and mailed out over 1,300 surveys. Over 600 residents returned the survey for an astonishing 47% response rate. The vast majority of respondents identify Shorewood as a good place to live and raise kids with 97% rate “excellent” or “good.” 96% of respondents rate Shorewood’s overall quality of life as “excellent” or “good.”

Generally, Shorewood residents feel safe in their neighborhoods and generally have good relations with their neighbors. However, only 57% of respondents agree or somewhat agree that Shorewood has “tight-knit” neighborhoods.

Shorewood residents reported a high level of activity in participating in community services. The most utilized service is recycling with over 96% of respondents stating they participate in the recycling program. Residents did not participate in community sponsored events and activities such as movie in the park. 23% of respondents indicated they attended music in the park while 60% reported not participating in any programs.

80% of respondents use the City’s paths/trails and 52% indicated expanding the trial system as essential or important. 76% of respondents indicated improvement of the city’s streets as essential or important. Only 28% of respondents feel park improvements are essential or important.

Overall, it appears the residents of Shorewood are pleased with the operation of their government. The results of this survey will help Council better define the strategic direction of the City, what services they need to maintain at current levels, and what programs and services need additional attention.

The City Council will see a presentation of the survey results at a work session on February 13 at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall. The public is welcome to attend.

See the full report.