City Meetings

Cablecast of Meetings

All regular meetings of the City Council are cablecast on a delayed basis on Cable Channel 8. Schedule of viewing times can be found on the LMCC Web Site

Official Newspapers

Minnesota Sun Publication




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Mayor, City Council & Advisory Commissions

Residents may send their questions or comments to any of the Council or Commission members. Messages may be sent directly to those members highlighted below, or via City Hall.

  • Mayor and City Council
  • Planning
  • Park
  • Advisory


City Council

  • Robert Bean (February 2018)
  • Sue Davis (February 2016)
  • Thomas Geng (February 2016)
  • Patrick Johnson (February 2018)
  • Dustin Maddy (February 2016)
  • Steve Dietz (February 2016)
  • Lynda Gooch Hartmann (February 2016)
  • Justin Mangold (February 2018)
  • John Sawtell (February 2016)
  • Paul Stelmachers (February 2018)
  • Lake Minnetonka Conservation District Representative (LMCD)
    Deborah Zorn(January 31, 2017)
  • Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission Representative {LMCC)
  • Minnetonka Community Education Representative (MCE)
    Tad Shaw (January 31, 2016)