Report a Road

City streets are inspected and assessed annually for any needed maintenance and hazards (resurfacing and drainage). Public Works staff also inspects any received notification of hazards in streets. Please call 952.960.7900 for more information or to report a street needing repair or report online. Please be specific in describing the location and problem. Issues with county roads should be reported to Hennepin County. Problems on state and federal roads may be directed to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

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Speed Limits

The city maintains speed limits according to guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Transportation. If you notice a speed problem, you may request the Speed Awareness Display (SAD) be placed on the roadway to monitor speeds. Requests should be directed to South Lake Minnetonka Police Department. The SAD is in high demand, so your request will be put on a list and your street will be monitored when possible.


Phone and Cable Television

Phone and internet:
CenturyLink Communications
Service: 800.244.1111
24-hour Repair: 800.573.1311

Cable TV, phone and internet:
Service: 800.332.0245

Electric and Gas Providers

Electric: Xcel Energy
Service: 800.895.4999
Lights Out Number:

Gas: Centerpoint Energy
Residential Customer Service: 612.372.4727


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Shorewood Utilities

Service Providers

Electricity: Xcel Energy
Gas: CenterPoint Energy
Cable: Mediacom
Telephone: CenturyLink, Mediacom, other internet providers
Internet: CentruyLink, Mediacom
Municipal Water, Recycling, Sanitary Sewage, and Stormwater Management: City

Know what to do in case of a power outage.


  • If you have questions concerning your utility bills or for commercial rates, contact Michelle Nguyen, 952.960.7900.
  • If you have questions concerning your water service, water meters, storm water or your sanitary sewer service, call Public Works at 952.960.7914.

Billing Dates

Residents are billed quarterly the first week of January, April, July and October for utilities. Bills are due by the end of the billing moth. Residents may mail payments to city hall, use the 24-hour drop-box at city hall, drop the payment off in person, or sign up for Auto-Pay.

Billing Rates

Municipal Water
Water meters are read each quarter and the amount used is rounded to the nearest 1,000 gallons of usage and billed accordingly.

  • $17.50 per quarter for the first 5,000 gallons.
  • $2.95 per 1,000 gallons in excess of 5,000 gallons up to 50,000 gallons.
  • $4.25 per thousand gallons in excess of 50,000 gallons per quarter.

Sanitary Sewage

  • $72.85 per quarter.


  • $14 per quarter per household.

Stormwater Management
The residential rate is determined by lot size.

  • Less than 10,000 sq. ft. = $12.71
  • 10,000 – 50,000 sq. ft. =$18.142
  • Lot excess 50,000 sq. ft. = $23.62

Payment Options:

  • autoPay
  • autoPay FAQ's
  • By Mail
  • Drop Off

autoPAY: This service offers residents the convenience of automatic payment of your utility bill, paid on the due date with no additional charge to you.

Download the application form and return it to City Hall to begin taking advantage of automatic payment of your utility bill. The form for autoPAY is also available by calling City Hall at 952.960.7900.

Q. How do I sign up?
A. It’s easy. Simply complete the authorization form and include the requested information for your desired payment method. For checking accounts, include a void check, and for savings accounts, include a withdrawal slip.

Q. What about my billing statement?
A. You will continue to receive a billing statement as usual. Each statement will indicate the amount and will show the message "Paid by Bank Draft" on your utility statement payment stub.  Funds will be transferred on the day prior to the due date on the billing. Until you see the wording "Paid by Bank Draft" on your City utility statement payment stub, please continue to pay your bill as usual.

Q. How will my bills be paid?
A. One day prior to the due date on the billing, funds will be automatically transferred from your checking or savings account.

Q. How can I be sure my bill has been paid?
A. Each direct payment will be clearly itemized on your bank statement.

Q. What if I have a question about my bill?
A. Simply call the City using the phone number on the billing.

Q. Is there a charge for this service?
A. No. The City does not charge for AutoPay and you enjoy the additional savings of no postage to mail bills or checks to write for your bills.

Send payment to:

City of Shorewood
ATTN: Utility Billing
5755 Country Club Rd
Shorewood MN 55331

Drop off/in person: Residents who prefer to drop off their payment in person have the following options:

  • Use the outside drop box located at the bottom of the ramp to the left of the front doors at City Hall, 5755 Country Club Road
  • Use the drop box in the lobby of City Hall