Living in Shorewood: Recycling

Missed recycling pick-up? Report the miss to Republic Services, 952.941-5174.
Need a larger or additional cart? Contact Republic Services or the city, 952.960.7900.

When is Recycling Service Pick-up?

recycling truck

Recycling is every other Wednesday on the mainland, Thursday on the Islands. Carts are to be curbside by 7:00 A.M. Print out your Recycling Calendar 2014 for a quick reference guide on dates and acceptable items

Cooking Oil Recycling

Carver County Environmental Services will collect used cooking oil for no charge. Please do not dispose of cooking oil in home drains or in storm sewers.

Plastic Bag Recycling

Some plastic bags may be included in the curbside cart including: grocery bags, retail bags (remove string ties & rigid plastic handles), and dry-cleaning bags (clean/dry and bundled into one bag). These plastic bags and many other plastic bags may be taken to drop off locations, including Cub Foods, Lakewinds, Byerlys, Lunds, Hennepin County Drop Off Centers, and Carver County Environmental Services. See a complete list of locations and plastic bags that may be dropped off by site.

Plastics #1-7 Recycling

plastic cups Confused about which plastics you can now recycle? A description of the plastics you can recycle and how to prepare them is now available. One item that has changed about the preparation of recyclables is that you may now leave the lids on the conainers--in fact, you are encouraged to do so!

Get Rewarded for Recycling

The City of Shorewood has joined over 75,000 households in the Twin Cities to participate in a unique and innovative recycling program called RecycleBank.  Allied Waste Services is our recycling services provider, offering “Single Sort” Recycling & RecycleBank. 

Carts are emptied on an every other week basis. You and your family will earn RecycleBank Reward Points for your recycling efforts. The more our residents recycle, the more RecycleBank Points you’ll earn.  Each recycling cart has its own individual RecycleBank ID Tag that associates your cart with your address, allowing Allied Waste & RecycleBank to keep track of your recycling participation and reward you.  Your account is then credited with RecycleBank Points based on how much recycling has been picked up in Shorewood.  You are able to go online, log into your personal account and redeem your RecycleBank Points for rewards.  No computer? No problem.  Call RecycleBank’s Customer Care line toll free at 888-727-2978. More Questions?

What Can I Recycle?

What can be recycled in your single sort recycling cart?

These items can't be recycled. Put them in your trash cart.

Magazines, Newspaper
Office and School Paper (colored paper too)
Mixed Mail and Phone Books
Boxboard (cereal and cake boxes)
Brown Paper Bags
Aluminum Cans
Tin and Steel Cans
Glass Jars and Bottles
Plastic Milk Jugs
Plastic retail bag including: grocery bags, retail bags (remove string ties & rigid plastic handles), and dry-cleaning bags (clean/dry and bundled into one bag)
Plastics #1-#7
Juice boxes
Paper cartons (ie, 1/2 gallon milk, aseptic)

No Food Waste**, Garbage or Yard Waste
No Food Tainted Items**
No Pizza Boxes**
No Egg Cartons**
No Ice Cream Cartons**
No Aluminum Foil
No Plastic Silverware
No Aerosol Cans
No Juice Bags
No Plastic Bags not listed in YES!*

*Many additional plastic bags may be recycled at drop off locations.

**May be composted in commercial compost collection programs offered curbside in Shorewood. Contact the city for more information.

Electronics Recycling

When you purchase new electronics, don't throw the old in your garbage. Most electronics contain lead, mercury, or other hazardous materials that are illegal to throw in the trash. Hennepin County offers a free drop off service at the Bloomington and Brooklyn Park drop off sites. Best Buy stores also take many electronics for no charge, regardless of where they were purchased. Get more information and drop off options on our Household Hazardous Waste page. If you can't find where you should take a particular item, please call city hall, 952.960.7900 for assistance.

Other Recycling Opportunities

Many recycling ideas are available at your fingertips. Find more information at Rethink Recycling.

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